Welcome to the tutorial

This Github repository contains all materials related to a collection of flux balance analysis practicals taught as part of the systems biology and medicine course at the VU (Free University Amsterdam) in 2016 - 2018 and at the ECI 2018.

Start the tutorial

We will use mybinder to run Jupyter notebooks in the cloud. By clicking on the “launch binder” button at the top of the page you will be redirected to a webpage that will generate a personal jupyter container for you. After a while the notebook server will be launched. You will see a folder with files. Open the one of the “XXX_tutorial_hub” files. Either the ECI2018 or the VUA one depending on which course you are in.


It is critical that you use a browser other than internet explorer: i.e. Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox.

It is recommended that you work in pairs, especially if the group is large, to reduce server stress.

If you run into problems, ask one of the teaching assistants.